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Hi, I'm Rev. Joseph Jones welcome to our group information page.

A little about our members!

We are Chosen Grace. We have traveled around the US with Family and other Groups. And we are now together traveling for God and his Will. We come from other groups. Lonnie Mackie plays drums, bass, sings, preaches and writes songs he has played for such groups as Endless Grace, Mackie Family, Loretta Carter, Master Sounds and more. Ken Mowell plays bass and sings and he has traveled with James Jones and Redemption, N Covenant, Several Church praise team and started playing when he was 14yrs old started playing in Church orchestra.   Joe Jones is our piano player/Vocal,drummer,guitar player,preaches and "wash board"LoL and Heather Jones plays Drums,tambourine,sings,preaches. Joe and Heather Have played and even opened for Second Chance/Redempion,The Mackie family,Southern Airs,The Crabbs, Betty-Jean Robinson,Hemphills,Laverne Tripp, Jackie Lee, Roger Mackie Jr, Gene Martin... and many more.. We are On the Road and open to what God has in store. We sing,preach,and help where ever We can to see God's move. Ken is the serious one while Joe is the goofy one.  Heather is the one with her Ipod listening to music.. They love to have fun and meet people. for more info or references contact us here or @ or 937-760-7956


Chosen Grace



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